Yoni Massage – Primal Femininity and Passion Combine

The Sanskrit word for the female vagina is known as Yoni. The sacred female Yoni is however better known in Tantra as the “Sacred Temple”. In contrast to men, women have a harder time attaining an orgasm. However, that does not mean it is not possible. When the atmosphere and the world around a female are perfect, anything is possible; even an orgasm.

The key element to achieving an orgasm and releasing the “sacred feminine waters” is relaxation and pure ecstasy; all you have to do is relax and enjoy. The environment provided and illustrated by a qualified Yoni massager is one that will have females going wild while being completely relaxed. As in most Tantric massages, breathing is very important as it relaxes the mind and delves it into subliminal pleasure. It allows the brain to stop worrying about worldly matters and concentrate on the pleasure to be had. Both the giver and receiver of the massage should breathe as if they were one being as this helps to create a deeper connection between them – improving the experience.A decent amount of high-quality oil is used during a Yoni massage where it is rubbed all over the sacred female genital. The Yoni is slowly and gently massaged alternating between the inner sanctum, the outer lips and the clitoris. The G-Spot is not left out. The G-Spot is stimulated to provide pleasure beyond belief propelling the receiver into a world unknown to most people.

A Yoni massage is an experience that every woman should have.