Four Hands Tantric Massage – Heaven on Earth

Four Hands Tantric Massage – Heaven on Earth

If you have ever had a Tantric massage, you know just how exquisite it feels to have two amazing and sensual hands caress your body. If the touch of one Goddess is pure bliss, imagine the fun and pleasure you will receive with two.

A Four hands massage is the ultimate Tantric indulgence. Not only do you receive double the pleasure, you receive double the healing as well. Best of all, you feel different waves of pleasure travelling through your body.

Considering the fact that each Goddess has her own special touch, you will technically receive two different massages at the same time. You will feel ecstatic sensations you never knew about ripple through your body, down to your very soul.

There are very few words that can describe the ultimate pleasure that a 4 hand massage can provide. You honestly have to experience it to truly believe it.

Be warned though, once you have experienced a 4 hand massage, you will not want to go back to a regular Tantric massage again.

Style of Service - Four Hands Tantric Massage

Two hands will caress your body in separate areas and at the same time. More of your muscles will be relaxed at any single time as compared to a 2-hand Tantric massage.

The individual pressures of each hand at various spots on your body will send your mind into overload. There is only so much the human mind can handle. However, our Tantric Goddesses are very skilled in prolonging the pleasure and enhancing the pleasure – you will not reach climax until the time is just right.

The amazing sensations being delivered to the mind by four hands may not be controllable but isn’t that what a Tantric massage aims for? If you have an adventurous spirit and want to delve into unknown yet guaranteed mind-blowing, orgasmic and incomprehensible pleasure.